About GeniusDoc

Designed by physicians for physicians, GeniusDoc was founded upon a simple idea - enjoy the practice of medicine without the hassle of paperwork. This simple idea has turned into a reality with the creation of a powerful, user-friendly, time-saving, and financially rewarding application.

The Distinctiveness of GeniusDoc

GeniusDoc stands apart from other EHR products by truly understanding the challenges a practicing physician faces on a daily basis. With unique functionality that saves time, money, and hassles, these are just a few reasons why GeniusDoc stays true to its name:

Physical Exam Designer
  • Dynamically Generates Templates
  • No More Searching for "The Right" Template
  • Accomodates Findings Unique to Each Patient
  • Creates Customized Notes for Each Encounter
Hospital Visit Module
  • Capture Vital Information On the Go
  • Built-in List of Commonly Used Hospital Admission Orders Saves Time
  • Point-and-Click Functionality Captures All Hospital Charges with ICD/CPT/Modifiers
  • Eliminates Duplicated Data Entry by Billing Personnel
Business Intelligence
  • Uses Rules-Based Adjustment Posting
  • Tracks All EOBs for Denials and Appeals
  • Minimize Insurance Company Rejections with CPT / ICD Validity Checks
  • Supports Batch Billing and Multiple Fee Schedules
  • Flag Claims for Appeals for All Denials
Disease Management
  • Provides Intuitive Performance Metrics Documentation for Common Diseases
Drug Database
  • Built-in Drug Database Eliminates Need for External Interfaces
  • Drugs Filtered by Category and Specialty
Lab Data Assessment Module
  • Provides Intuitive Performance Metrics Documentation for Common Diseases

Recommendations Documentation
  • Built-in List of Commonly Used Recommendations for Each Specialty
  • Provides Ability to Add Recommendations Ad-hoc for Future Use
Truly Integrated Solution
  • No External Interfaces
  • Document and Image Management Tightly Integrated
  • Built-in Drug Database
Medical Knowledge Powerhouse Minimizes Customization
  • Built-in Deep Clinical Content and Master Data Minimizes the Extent of Customization
  • Reduces Financial Investments Required for Customizing Applications to Fit Specialty and Workflow Need
Intuitive Capture of ICD/CPT Codes and Modifiers
  • Eliminates Physician Searching for Codes
  • Provides ICD Code Filters by Specialty
  • Links ICD and CPT Codes to Intuitively Generate Superbills
  • Assigns Modifiers to Procedures
  • Utilizes Backend Logic to Reduce Human Errors and Oversight
Automated Workflow Application
  • Seamless Scheduling of Procedures and Tests
  • Specialty-Specific Appointment Scheduler
Ease of Use
  • Point-and-Click Functionality Records Vital Documentation at the Highest Standard
  • Navigation Tree Follows Typical Progression of a Patient Encounter
  • Filters, Tabs, and Navigation Trees Allow for Easily Searchable Information

Plan of Care Documentation
  • Filters All Major Test Categories by Test and Specialty:
    • Includes CTs, MRIs, Ultrasounds, Xrays, PET / Nuclear Scans, Blood Panels,Urine / Stool Studies, GI / Cardiac / Pulmonary Procedures, Among Others
  • Links Studies to Workflow for Automated Scheduling and Charge Capture