About GeniusDoc

Designed by physicians for physicians, GeniusDoc was founded upon a simple idea - enjoy the practice of medicine without the hassle of paperwork. This simple idea has turned into a reality with the creation of a powerful, user-friendly, time-saving, and financially rewarding application.

Investing in a practice management system can be a daunting decision. Physicians need to analyze the impact of the investment on the financial and operational health of the practice, as well as its clinical impact for patients. With so much at stake, GeniusDoc is the complete answer to all your medical record-keeping needs, while enhancing the profitability of your practice. Its fully-integrated system lets you instantaneously track, control, record and share each patient's medical information through every phase of their care-with the least number of clicks.

   One Place for All Your Needs

GeniusDoc did not get its name for nothing. Users are astounded with the wealth of information available at their fingertips in one all-encompassing application - that's right, ONE application. Understanding the needs of practicing physicians has been of utmost importance in the design of the application. With GeniusDoc, there is no need to purchase separate modules to accomplish various tasks because the application automates the vital components required for maximizing the patient encounter and managing a successful medical practice. GeniusDoc works with you each step of the way in all your patient interactions, from the moment your patient arrives in the office through the duration of each visit and subsequent communications in the patient-physician relationship.


   Improved Access to Information

  • Access Clinical Data Anytime, Anywhere within Seconds
  • Tap Thousands of Procedure and Diagnosis Codes at Your Fingertips
  • Track Laboratory Tests and Diagnostic Imaging
  • Track Disease Management for Appropriate and Timely Care
  • Increase Awareness of Drug Interactions and Allergies

   Improved Efficiency and Communications

  • Streamline Clinical Workflow
  • Improve Efficiency and Time Management of Physicians and Staff
  • Improve Consultations with Organized Transfer of Knowledge
  • Reduce Unnecessary Communications with Pharmacies
  • Remote Connectivity Management

   Greater Savings, More Revenue

  • Enhance Reimbursement with Better Coding Supported by Higher Levels of Documentation
  • Virtually Eliminate Transcription Costs with Electronic Input of Clinical Information
  • Minimize Need for Billing Personnel with One Snap Posting of Charges
  • Save Thousands of Dollars a Year on Paper Chart Supplies and Storage
  • Reduce Exposure to Malpractice