GeniusDoc Unveiled Solutions to Support CMS Oncology Care Model

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMS Innovation Center) has established the Oncology Care Model, which aims to provide higher quality, more highly coordinated oncology care at the same or lower cost to Medicare. The goal of OCM is to utilize appropriately aligned financial incentives to enable improved care coordination, appropriateness of care and access to care for beneficiaries undergoing chemotherapy.

Providers who chose to participate in the OCM will be paid $160 per month for each Medicare patient they care for who receives chemotherapy (this is in addition to their fee-for-service charges). Practices will also be eligible for extra payments based on their ability to meet cost reduction and quality performance metrics.

GeniusDoc OCM solutions bring sophisticated resources and technologies to assist community oncology practices to more efficiently and effectively comply with the administrative and clinical requirements of the CMS’s OCM.

GeniusDoc OCM Solution Highlights:

  •   Intuitive and embedded OCM work flow to capture the metrics
  •   Beneficiary selection tools for OCM enrollment
  •   Big Data extraction and OCM Analytics
  •   Dashboards for the OCM Denominators, Numerators and Thresholds
  •   Automated OCM Billing
  •   Episode tracking tools
  •   Care coordination and collaboration
  •   Direct reporting to CMS Quarterly
  •   OCM Consulting to boost compliance and performance bonus